Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Drummer and a Colonial Chef

That's what M wanted to be "when he grows up" as of last week. The drummer is an old one, although I'm surprised that it's still making the list since he hasn't been obsessed with drums for quite some time now. The colonial chef needs some explanation (very little, so bear with me here).

Ok, so a few months ago we went to all those Lower Hudson Valley historic places and M paid particular attention to a gristmill and the kitchens and gardens. So I bought him a book at the souvenir shop, called "Colonial Cook". At first we read it every day, sometimes several times a day. Then things calmed down a bit and we moved on.

Except last week we went to the Historic Oak View Plantation. It's a great place to visit any day (and it's free to boot). But on weekday mornings they have lots of school groups and, consequently, ongoing presentations from 10am to 12pm. Fun!

On the days we went there (yes, we ended up going two days in a row), M collected the eggs from the chickens, milked a cow, drove a tractor (ok, that's not quite Colonial, but it's a real tractor!), washed laundry using a washboard and soap made of pig fat and lye, picked and cleaned cotton, churned butter, and cooked in a real Colonial-era kitchen! Ok, so all of this was pretend stuff, except for the washing.

But the kitchen is a real kitchen with all the real implements. So M sat through the entire presentation (he just made his way into the room and sat down on the floor amongst the elementary school students; he even raised his hand once or twice as the presenter was asking questions). And then, after the school group left, he walked around the kitchen and pretended how and what he was cooking. Needless to say, we're reading "Colonial Cook" again now.

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