Monday, September 13, 2010

My Brother is an Angel

In case you don't know it - my brother is an angel. Sure, he doesn't come across as one if you run into him at a party. After all, angels aren't supposed to have big muscles, shave their heads and speak with a Russian accent. But then you get to know the guy and, if things work out (meaning - he likes you enough to be your friend), you find out that I'm 100% correct.
Still in doubt? Check it out - he flew down to Raleigh for a weekend and endured food shortages (this house doesn't have anything to nosh on for sure), no TV, weirdly slow Internet, a semi-comfortable day bed in the family room, a murderously-inclined undeclawed 14lb cat who, aparently, doesn't like angels all that much, lots and lots of mosquitoes in the backyard and a preschooler who wakes up at 6am and gets loud right away - all to build a tree house for this said preschooler! (Ok, and to go to The Pit for some BBQ Eastern North Carolina style)

Ah, and he wore head-to-toe whites for the job too! Telling you - an angel!

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