Saturday, September 11, 2010

Apples, Peaches, Grapes - Oh My!

Yes, we went to another pick-your-own farm. This one, Millstone Creek Orchard, is not as far as the vineyard we went to before, only about an hour away. It's also on the way to the zoo in Asheboro and the trips can be combined. We keep meaning to do just that.

This year we timed our visit in such a way so that both peaches and apples were available for picking. And then we found out that the grapes were available too, Concords mostly. So we've made up our mind to pick everything there was to pick.

First we started with peaches. M had to so much fun running from tree to tree, picking peaches (these are semi-dwarf peachtrees and the fruits hang low enough for him to reach). He bit into a few exclaiming every time that THIS particular peach was his most favorite.

Alas, peaches are easy and quick to pick. After only a few minutes we had a basket-full and then just walked around and admired the scenery and all sorts of pretty butterflies and many-colored bugs feasting on overripe peaches.

We decided to stop by the grapevines on the way back to the apple orchard (which is right next to the main barn). Concords aren't my favorite grapes, but freshly picked on a hot sunny afternoon these were delicious. Plus there were a few very ripe bunches of Reliance and those were irresistable. Just the smell alone can drive you crazy. "These are my favorite grapes!" said M.

By the time we finally made it to the apple orchard, we were pretty tired. So we only picked Honeycrisps. Nor did we wonder too far from the barn. We didn't have to. After only a few minutes we had a bushel of crispy red-cheeked apples. Turned out, these were M's favorite fruits! Who would've guessed, right?

All in all, we picked some 24lbs each of apples and peaches. And I ended up making lots of peach butter and apple sauce. Yummy!

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