Wednesday, August 4, 2010

С корабля на бал...

... which can be translated as "to dash from one place to another" (although this translation doesn't come close to capturing the meaning of the original "from a ship to a fancy party"). That's pretty much what was going on last week.

We got back from NY where M spent time with бабушка and дедушка just in time to greet M's paternal grandparents. We got back very late on Tuesday night and Ron and Ann flew in on Thursday morning. As you can imagine, we had very little time to get things ready. Basically, I unpacked, worked, and bought groceries so as to avoid feeding fast food to all (although I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that leftover pizza was served for lunch on Thursday. To redeem myself I did make a big tasty salad).

Ann is crocheting this really nice pink baby blanket and she had to go to Micheal's to get a new hook (as you can imagine, the old one didn't make it through the airport security). While there, she picked up a small wooden birdhouse and a set of paints for M. I never got this for him before since he's never been big on crafts. But he actually spent close to 30 mins carefully painting the birdhouse, covering every inch of it with several layers of paint, including as much of an inside as he could. Go figure! Well, I guess I'll try to include more projects like this in the future.

They also went to the music store next to Michael's. In case you don't know, Ron plays guitar and writes, sings and records his own songs. I guess that's where M gets his interest in music and, specifically, in playing different musical instruments (although he's more into drums and brass at this point).

Back to the music store though... Ron tried out a guitar there and played a bit and M got into it and was copying Grandpa's moves. Maybe next time Ron and Ann visit, we get to go to 2112 Percussions where M can show off his drumming (earplugs for all are on me).

The day Ann and Ron left was Ron's birthday. So we celebrated the day before with cherry vareniki (see next post) and a cake. Of course, M had to help to blow out the candles. And now, after two b-days in a row (mine the next day, post is coming up soon) he's pretend baking and playing b-day parties (with cake and mugs of beer).

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