Saturday, September 11, 2010

What We Do When We Stay Home

Sometimes M wakes up in this peculiar mood when he simply refuses to go out to a park or a store or a museum. And sometimes he might feel a bit under the weather and then we have no choice but to stay away from other kids (lemme tell ya - this boy's sniffles are highly contagious; I know first-hand!).

So here's what we've been up to lately on our stay-inside days:

1. Baking a "lazy pie" - sauteeing sliced apples with some raisins and just a bit of brown sugar. Oh, don't forget cinnamon! My recommendation - forget about healthy/unhealthy and sautee in real butter, not in vegetable oil - tastes tons better. Then put the apples in a deep overproof dish and place Pillsbury Dough biscuits on top (I like the flaky kind). I guess it'll work with other types of biscuits as well. Or with cookie dough. Stick the "pie" into a preheated oven and wait until the "crust" bakes through. Let it cool some and enjoy. BTW, I've made mini-pies in ramekins and M loved them even more.
2. Use leftover dough from the pie to conduct all sorts of scientfic experiments using lots of salt and water. Had to take this one outside after a few big spills.
3. Making a juicing machine - at first it was for juicing apples only. But then M expanded it to lemons and oranges (hooray for the cheap-o plastic life-size lemons and oranges from the Dollar Store). M came up with the idea and most of the design all by himself and I helped him to glue and tape the pieces together. He then proceeded to decorate the machine with markers. Guess what he drew on it - an entire digestive system, from esophagus to large intestine. I mean, just by looking at it you can't tell what it is, but he provided a very thorough commentary as he was working on it. After some thinking he also drew a heart and some blood vessels on it. But no eyes or mouth because "Mama, it's just a machine".
4. Making a secret treasure box by, primarily, painting inside it and then putting all sorts of paper clippings, stickers, buttons, rocks, etc inside. Then building a birthday cake out of styrofoam piece, 3 wooden skewers, a bunch of wooden spools and balls and fuzzy sticks.
5. Drawing a picture on our giant chalkboard wall. First - a big smily sun. Second - lots of grass. Third - an airplane (ok, I helped with that one) and another airplane "electric and with no wings" (what???). Fourth - lots and lots of clouds. Then declaring that he wanted to be a pilot. And a chef. So I say that maybe he can have a plane with a kitchen in it. "Silly idea, Mama... I'm going to think about it" and then he drew a kitchen inside the plane.

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