Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I am a Russian Kosmonavt

Ok, well, I am not a Russian kosmonaut, but that's what M says about himself now. It all started last week when we walked into a Marshall's store to pick up some underpants for M and walked out with a hot-orange astronaut costume. The following several days M spent pretty much living in this thing, taking it off only at night.

Then we read the Magic School Bus book, the one about them exploring the Solar system. We already had a small astronaut and a toy space shuttle. Then we built rockets at SparkCon. And today M said that we had to buy more astronauts 'cause the one we had at home was feeling lonely. So we bought a space-themed Toob.

Our art project for the day was white-on-black painting. M said that the big sheet of black paper was kosmos and he then painted a big planet and lots of stars on it and proudly showed the results to his "ashtronauts" (that's what he calls them in English).

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