Saturday, January 30, 2010

Three Little Clouds

Last Friday M refused to go to his preschool. That was the first. He's been going there one half-day a week for almost 2 years (wow, really?!) and this is the first time he said "No" instead of "I want to go "в детский сад". Go figure!
I don't push this issue since it's not exactly critical. I did have an important phone call scheduled for Friday, but I was able to keep M. busy and, most importantly, quiet with some cartoons (Pingu and Ну, Погоди!). I do feel a bit guilty since I don't like using cartoons as a baby-sitter. But hey, he left me little choice, right?
Anyway, the reason for this post is to tell about a super-quick and simple art project we did last Friday. M. painted some clouds with thinned-down white paint. The technique is very simple - just pour a bit of paint onto colored paper and then lift the sheet and move it this way and that so that the paint runs. On the last one, M. added some toothbrush work (with his old toothbrush) to create what we decided was a snow storm.

The most fun part (at least for me) was to ask M. what each of these "clouds" looked like. He said the top one looked like skeleton's lungs. Hmm... My suggestion of "butterfly" was totally disregarded. In the end, he settled on calling it the Octopus.

The bottom left one he called Бяка-Закаляка Кусачая. That was funny, especially since it's been a while since we read that particular poem. But between that time and the time I found a marker (about 1 minute), we both forgot what it was. So when I asked M. again, he said that it was just a little tiny cloud.

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