Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brithday Cake for Breakfast

Breakfast used to be the "safe" meal at our house. By this I mean that M. would always eat his breakfast - kasha, oatmeal, pancakes, french toast, yogurt with ricotta cheese, and such. Lunch and dinner were questionable, but not breakfast. After all, the very first thing M. would say after getting out of bed, would be "I want to eat breakfast".

But these past few days breakfast's become a challenge since M. simply refuses to eat whatever it is we have for breakfast. Today was particularly trying since he broke down into a crying fit and absolutely refused to eat (usually he says "no" to everything, but tries and often finishes most his food).

So, we ended up having a birthday cake for breakfast. Thankfully, the hubby baked pumpkin bread last night (yes, from scratch, including home-made pumpkin puree; he's just THAT good!). So I sliced an extra thick slice and cut out a circle (if you ask M. a cake that's not round is NOT a cake). I then "frosted" the cake with some sour cream.

In the mean time, M. was busy making decorations. I put some left-over hard candy, peppermint bark and half a chocolate-chocolate chip cookie in a plastic bag, gave him a toy mallet and advised M. to stop crying and get to work if he wanted to have a cake after all.

He then decorated the cake and sprinkled a few rainbow sprinkles over it for good measure. Then we put two birthday candles in, brought over all our stuffed animals (the mouse, the tiny bunny, Winnie the Pooh, Chef Pig, Cheburashka, the singing dalmatian puppy, and the big bunny), sang the birthday song and enjoyed this wonderful and fairly nutritious cake.

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