Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chalkboard Wall

Remember how we cleaned out a closet a week or so ago and returned a bunch of stuff to Home Depot and Lowe's? Well, we got enough in gift cards to buy a can of magnetic primer and a paint roller. And we already had leftover blackboard paint from when Chris finished M's little desk.

So, over these last two weekend we primed and painted a hallway wall and turned it into a magnetic chalkboard. We really hoped to move M's big magnetic letters from the fridge to this wall, but apparently even 3 coats of magnetic primer weren't strong enough to hold these chunky letters. We'll just have to look for smaller ones.

In the mean time, we use the top part of the wall as a running grocery list and let M draw wherever he can reach. Oh, maybe now we'll get some magnetic poetry.

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