Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Anniversary Morning Out

Monday was the 7th anniversary of our wedding. I'm not going to dwell on how time flies, etc. Let's just say, things were different this year. Last year we tried to enjoy a celebratory dinner at the Melting Pot, our little family tradition. And it didn't go very well. Lesson learned - toddlers don't "get" fondue.

So this year, based on the last year's experience and this year's financials, we changed things around a bit. We said, to heck with the whole dinner and night out thing. Instead, we arranged for some extra daycare for M and had the morning out.

First, we went for the late breakfast, yummy bagels, and a chat about our big gardening plans. Since it was a beautiful day, we went on a walk, munching on the black-and-white cookie. Let me tell you, we haven't gone on a walk ALL THE WAY AROUND a lake, any lake, ever since M got out of his stroller almost 2 years ago. We forgot how long it'd take and ended up with only about 30 minutes for the last stop of the morning out tour - the Barnes&Noble bookstore.

This is another thing we used to do every week and just don't get to do any longer - our weekly B&N evenings out. Oh, how we used to get piles of magazines, 2 cups of coffee, sit down at a table in a cafe, and not talk to each other for an hour or so! Nowadays we head straight for the kids section and watch M play with the trains for a bit.

Well, this time we didn't get any drinks and all the tables were busy and we didn't have a whole hour. But we took our piles of magazines to the TV and Radio section of the store (figured, it'd be the least busy), sat down on the floor and spent 30 minutes not talking to each other. Awesome!

All in all, it was probably one of the best anniversary celebrations we've had, right next to the first year's one. And whatever money we saved by not going out to a fancy restaurant ($100), we put towards repaying one of our many student loans.

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