Sunday, January 10, 2010

Simple Machines - Incline Plane Fun

Without a car on Thursday we had lots and lots of time on our hands and not much to do. And it was just too cold to go outside, especially early in the morning.

Instead we had a little science lesson and learned about simple machines. Actually, we only learned about an incline plane (since it's so simple to set up). All it took was a cardboard mailer tube (with both ends openned), an empty box, some tape, a cookie tray and an assortment of pebbles and seashells (any other small objects will do).

It took me maybe 2 minutes to set up and show to M. and he spent the next 15 minutes exploring all the possibilities this toy provided. He seemed particularly excited to find out that different objects made different sounds when landing on the tray. So I added a tamburine for more sound effects.

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