Friday, November 13, 2009

My (No Longer) Messy Built-Ins


Ok, a couple of days ago I said I would really-really get organized really-really soon. I figure, if I make a promise to myself and let others know of it, I'll be much more likely to get it done. Of course, feel free to cheer me on and otherwise support my committment (not-so-subtle hint - please leave a comment).

My first organizing task was to take care of the very messy built-ins in the family room. BTW, here's a little-known fact - I designed these built-ins myself (I wish I could take credit for building them, alas, 'twas done by an awesome carpenter).

Anyway, the challenge was to create a more organized and more functional space to store books, magazines, clippings, pictures, games, and toys and do it on for under $20.

Well, as far as the budget part goes, I outperformed the goal by 100%. I spent $0.00 on this project! Hooray to me! I might even make a few bucks if I sell some of the nicknacks that used to clutter the shelves.

Of course, I was lucky in that I had plenty of matching baskets (bought them a while ago from Target). I used the baskets for storing some of the books (mostly paperbacks) and for the overflow toys.

I also had some white storage boxes and magazine holders that I bought years ago from IKEA. These are great and very versatile. Easy to label too. I store various clippings (vacation ideas, cartoons and articles I particularly liked) and little mementos in these. Will pick up some more next time I drive by an IKEA.

I kept 2 shelves for Mr. M's stuff, like play doh and books. No doubt these shelves will continue to get messy, but that's ok. Also, notice that one of the shelves is absolutely empty. I keep it reserved for great games for family game nights (and maybe even some jigsaw puzzles).
The hubby is loving it (or so he says) and Mr. M doesn't seem to care at all. Tell me something nice before I dislocate my shoulder from patting myself on the back for the second day in a row.

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