Saturday, November 14, 2009

Homeschooling Week 2 - Wrap-Up

Seems like we're getting into the rythm of our homeschooling. As I look through my notes, I see much more successes and only a few activities that Mr. M didn't like or didn't care for. Then again, we only did 3 full days of homeschooling this week, not the usual four and a half (more on this later).

Monday was a warm-up. First, we made a little "scarecrow" out of a brown paper bag. To be perfectly honest, Mr. M didn't really care about it all that much. Since I had to pretty much take care of the whole project, we were done very quickly. And then went to the Kids Together playground for a couple of hours.

Then we had a great session with our occupational therapist and I felt that Mr. M got plenty of fine motor work done. So instead of playing the stickers game, we made painting dough. That was a huge hit! Gotta do it again soon.

As much as I tried, Mr. M simply refused to participate in the body trace game on Tuesday. Nor did he want me to trace his favorite teddy bear. He just wasn't in the mood for anything that morning. Anything but the Marbles (our awesome kids' museum). It's always a huge hit with him. Except that the place is usually packed in the mornings and I try not to take him there until about noon time. Nevertheless, we had great time there for a couple of hours and Mr. M even built (and instantly demolished) several of tall towers out of foam blocks.

Wednesday was our best day EVER. Every single thing that we did, he LOVED. Early in the morning we played with bubbles and that got me thinking about trying some bubble art. Simple really - just mix some paint into the bubble soap and put a big sheet of paper on the floor. We both had great time.

And then I showed Mr. M paper clips and how they can be picked up with his magnet. I've never seen anyone so excited about paper clips before. His eyes went big as he saw the clips practically jump to the magnet and he said "WOW!!! LOOOK!!" (accidentally, that was his reaction to a trailer for the 2012 movie).

The "what's missing" game (I dubbed it the line-up game) right before lunch was a success. I chose 5 small toys - a toy train, a dinosaur, a small nesting doll from his set, a wooden block and a red marker - lined them up and named each object. I then directed Mr. M to close his eyes and "no peeking" and hid one of the objects. Then I asked him to tell me which of the toys was playing hide-and-seek. We repeated the game about 10 times before Mr. M started getting distracted and a bit bored.

The only activity that we didn't do from Wednesday was water play. But that's ok since Mr. M got to bake pie crust (from scratch) with Papa. Needless to say, he loved that (he loves all kinds of cooking and baking).

Then came Thursday and Friday when we didn't do anything of what we planned because Mr. M got sick again. Yes, this is the third time in less than 2 months - a new record for us (and not the one we're happy about). Understandable, he didn't care to do any of the activities.

Today, Saturday, he's feeling a bit better though. So I asked him if he'd like to have a birthday party for one of his toys. I thought he'd love the idea. He absolutely hated it though and kept saying "No, Mama, I don't want teddy bear to have birthday; I don't want Thomas have birthday; I don't want..."
Later in the day, as he was playing with Play Doh, we did have a tiny birthday party for Monster, complete with Play Doh cake, cupcakes, candy, Play Doh towers, a candy train and a birthday song. Which reminds me that I better put the Play Doh back into the container before it dries up and I have to buy more of it.

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