Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Giant Book Tower

I love library book sales! Ever since moving to Raleigh, we've gone to the annual Wake County Public Libraries Booksale. It's a giant thing - this year there was 300,000 books for sale (some were brand new, from public donations).

But you know what is the best day for a library book sale? It's the last day, the $5 per box or $2 per bag all-you-can-carry day. It's so awesome!

This year I went twice - on the opening day (stood in line for over an hour) and on the closing day (stood in line for about 20 mins). And it was a blast. On the last day, hubby and I filled a giant box full of books (including a brand-new non-library copy of the Da Vinci Code), paid our $5, and got out with enough reading material for the entire 2010 (plus some gifts).

That evening I couldn't wait for Mr. M to go to bed since I wanted to build a tower of all the books we bought. Call me a dork, I dare you.

What do we do when we finish reading these books? Well, we'll keep some. We'll put others on PaperBackSwap.com, my hubby leans towards releasing a few into the wild via BookCrossing.com, and the rest will be donated back to the library so that they can be sold in 2010.

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