Saturday, November 14, 2009

Homeschooling Day by Day - Week 3

I guess the main thing I learned from last week's lessons is to be very flexible and not to worry if on some days NONE of the planned stuff gets done. And I decided to temporarily put our town-building game on hold.

Every time I attempt to continue, Mr. M gets absorbed with his train set. Or, if I move the activity to the family room downstairs, he brings some trains alone and demands to draw train tracks for them.

This week we're going to get ready for Thanksgiving (had to double-check the calendar today. I ran into a Santa's elf today at one of the department stores and thought maybe I missed something). So all the art work will be Thanksgiving-y.

So here it goes:


Art - fall leaves banner (if you read Filth Wizardry, you know exactly what I'm talking about. (And if you don't, hurry up and subscribe today - that blog is AWESOME!)
Fine motor - more play with birdseed. We might even make a bird feeder out of spare toilet paper tubes covered in peanut butter and rolled in birdseed.
Language - we'll take about what we do with our hands, feet, eyes, etc.
Science - mystery object match (I'm going to use this Guidecraft Feel & Find game for this activity)


Gross motor - I'm thinking about playing a wind-chime piano game where I hang windchimes up high so that they can only be reached on tippy-toes or with a stick. So either that or an obstacle course.
Listening - do you know the sound canister matching game? Well, we'll do that, sans the writing part. I don't have the canisters ready yet, so it'll be on my to-do list for tomorrow.
Science - sound glasses (ok, it's a Listening Tuesday) - if this sounds confusing, think back to Ms. Congeniality (the movie) and Sandra Bullock's character's performance in the talent portion of the beauty contest. I do have nice glasses, but before I risk those, I'm going to try some canning jars.
Art - we'll make some boats out of our old Jack-o-Lantern.


Art - Thanksgiving wreath (nothing fancy, just a themed collage)
Math - geoboard (another task for my to-do list)

I'm counting on having at least one "great weather" day this week so we can spend time outside. That's why I'm not planning much for Wednesday. Of course, if it happens to be a nice Monday, I'll just shift Monday activities to Wednesday. And if Wednesday turns out not so great, I'll do Thursday activities instead and will plan on being outdoors most of the day on Thursday. All about being flexible.


Art - we'll be ambitious and try to make a turkey centerpiece
Game - pin the tail on a donkey sounds good (I have some leftover felt)
Fine motor - finger play with rhymes
Math - sort blocks by color and size and then build a tower
Science - learn about different wild animals


Art - I thought about making a favorite foods collage, but given Mr. M's love affair with all things Word World and cooking, we'll make a cookbooktionary.
Language - read, write, talk about recipes - nice tie-in with the Art activity
Math - I think we'll classify pictures of food stuff (i.e. veggies, fruits, cakes, yummy and yukkie)
Science - continuing with the food theme, we'll do some tasting and sorting - salt/sugar, flour/baking soda, watered-down lemon juice/water, etc.

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