Monday, November 9, 2009

An Hour of Paint Dough

I love MaryAnn Kohl's art books! I love that there are no fancy photographs of carefully assembled end products (ours NEVER end up looking like the pictures, not even close). I love how simple most of the projects are - no fancy supplies or involved prep-work. And I absolutely love the sheer number of ideas in each of her books.
(Here's a great interview with MaryAnn where she mentions her upcoming book)

Having lots of easy-to-prepare art projects is very important to me since I never know what Mr. M will like on any given day. Yesterday he asked if we could make a scarecrow and today he couldn't care less about it.
So while he was playing with his trains, I picked up MaryAnn's Preschool Art book. I randomly opened it on the page with the Paint Dough project.

It sounded very simple. We had all the ingredients and supplies - flour, salt, water, paint. Ok, I didn't have poster board or matte board, but I used a roasting pan with some wax paper over it.
Mr. M got totally into it - mixing salt and flour. Then I distracted him with some 'toons, added water and paint to the mix, poured into a squeeze bottle and it was ready! Mr. M absolutely loved it! First he drew by squeezing the dough, but then got a bit tired and used the brush to make some cool designs. And if you're wondering what he drew - apples.
And now I'm off to update my Amazon Wish List - to add MaryAnn's latest book.

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