Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Christmas 2010 - The Parties

Parties as in more than one. Our good friends invited us over for a Christmas Eve lunch. They have two kids. One is M's age and the boys have been friends since before their first birthdays. Our friends also invited another couple and their 3 boys. So we ended up celebrating Christmas Eve in a houseful of boys. Actually, it was super-awesome.

The boys were all different ages, from 8 all the way down to 18 months. And that always works out very well as the older ones help entertain and keep in check the younger ones. Having some Christmas-special cartoons on the big screen TV also helped. We, the adults, spent absolutely delightful 5 hours chatting and laughing and drinking wine and relaxing and babying the youngest kiddo.

But lest you think that the boys were glued to the TV, they also tore through the toys in the living room, playing with all the Lego blocks and toy cars and trains they could find. It was a fairly warm day and they spent a big chunk of it outside on the playset. And when it got darker, they got back inside, rounded up a ton of cardboard boxes of all sizes and climbed, jumped, crawled, built and demolished to their hearts' content.

Since we had the big holiday meal the day before Christmas, Chris and I didn't feel like re-creating the whole thing at home the day of. Instead, we opted for a nice brunch - turkey bacon, scrambled eggs, and pineapple pancakes were on the menu. Yum! Such a great idea! I really think we should do it the next year thus eliminating (or rather re-scheduling) all the fuss, stress and dish washing that comes with cooking the holiday dinner.

On Christmas Day our friends, the same very hospitable and patient couple, invited us all back for after lunch. Again all the kids were there and mostly played outside, including in this awesome sandbox that Santa dropped off the night before.

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