Wednesday, December 29, 2010

M's Pictures

Chris sometimes asks why do I let M use my camera to take pictures. Well, what am I supposed to let him use it for? To sweep floors? Seriously though, M is too old for a dummy plastic toy camera and we're not rich enough to buy him one of those fancy $50 ones just for kids.

And since we have two point-and-shoot digital cameras, I give him the newer, crappier one to use unsupervised. With supervision, I even let him use my older and much better Canon PS S50 because a) it takes better pictures and b) the way it's designed is perfect - there's no way M can both push the button and cover the lense at the same time.

So he runs around and shoots all what he deems most important at the moment (like myself, his fingers, and kitchen cabinet doors). Most of these pictures are way out of focus and in those that aren't, he covers the lense with his fingers. But once in a while I see some really nice shots when I download pix from the cameras. Like the ones in this post.

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