Sunday, December 12, 2010

At the Tree Farm

We got our X-mas tree from a X-mas tree farm. Yes, the pick-your-own obsession of ours continues even with snow on the ground. Honestly, it was a lot of fun. First, the place looks very much like a toy forest with little toy trees, almost perfectly triangular and different shades of green. There were also two huge pecan trees which we first thought were oaks until we saw pecan nuts on the ground underneath.

So last Monday M and I picked up Chris after work and drove to the farm. Where he proceeded to cut the tree we chose the weekend before. Yep, he was cutting the tree in his dress clothes and dress shoes. That's my guy!

But check out M - he's totally into cutting down this tree! He was asking about it all weekend, ever since we chose the tree on the first visit to the farm. He wanted to cut it, bring it home and decorate it.
Turned out that the tree was a bit taller than we thought. It almost reaches the ceiling in the living room. And we almost ran out of our decorations.

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