Saturday, December 11, 2010

Latest Trip to NY - Thanksgiving

Yes, another trip to NY, but this time to celebrate Thanksgiving with my entire family. Awesome, right? Right?!
So here's a little bit of what we did there:

For breakfast we ate kasha (because you know, it's just so Russian) and toast because on the way to NY we all listened to an audio book about Mercy Watson, the pig. So here's a real world math problem for you - if a story lasts 15 minutes and the NC to NY drive lasts 10 hours, how many times did we get to listen about how much Mercy Watson loves a well-buttered toast? The correct answer is TOO MANY!
We went on walks and looked at all the trees and cool bark and ducks and swans. Then we wanted to go home because it was just way too cold outside.

So then we would get home, collect the sticks for a little fire and roast bread, pineapples and bananas.
We also went to the Rockland Bakery to buy bread.
And then it was time to go to the Thanksgiving dinner with my family. Lots of family. Lots of little kids. Lots of food, of course. Mostly Russian appetizers. All delicious 'cause my aunt who hosted the party is an awesome cook.

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  1. It is so nice to see all of you! I wish pictures were little bigger :) please say hello to everybody!