Monday, December 20, 2010

Ice Skating 101

Actually, we went ice skating a couple of weeks ago, but I just downloaded the pictures. This was M's first time ice-skating and we were a bit worried. At least I was. You see, neither Chris nor I can skate very well. As often as we do it, it's a wonder we remember how to put the skates on.

I, for one, can skate forward and make gentle turns. I can also come to a full stop given enough time and clearance or a sturdy object to crash into. Chris is at about the same level. And now, I'm proud to say, so is M.

To our surprise, not only did he stand up on skates without any difficulty, but he took a few steps totally by himself without holding onto us, the wall, or any other support! Of course, at first we were holding him pretty tight. He did fall a few times, but found it hilarious.

We all got tired pretty fast though, especially M. My legs felt like Jello after less than an hour of skating! Awesome! And then, after watching the Zamboni machine, we all went to get ourselves a few treats for being such great skaters.

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