Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Last Month or So - Real Quick Recap - Part III

Then there was the Easter Egg Hunt. Ok, so we don't celebrate Easter. But how can we not go to Smith's Nursery on a sunny Saturday in early April and look at all the blooming strawberry plants. And if it happens to be the day of the egghunt, then how can we not join in?

Although to be honest, I don't get the entire Easter egg hunt thing. It just doesn't seem to make any sense at all. Plus with so many kids participating, it starts resembling one of the Egypt plagues, namely the one with all the locust.

The egg hunt for kids age 3-6 was held in the old pumpkin patch. The nursery staff scattered hundreds of plastic candy-filled eggs here and there, even stashing some inside of the old dried-out gourds that weren't picked last fall. The kids were lined up at the start and then, on the signal, they moved forward like Roman legion, stripping the ground of anything resembling an egg or a candy.

I wasn't the only one "not getting" it. M seemed to struggle with the whole candy-in-the-eggs idea. He found one, with my help, and started playing with it instead of looking for more until an older girl with a basket full of eggs (she must've collected at least 3 dozen) shared a few with him.

The egg hunt was over in just a couple of minutes and we went to do other, more important and sensible things, like pet the resident donkey, play on the playground, run between the rows of blooming mustard greens, exploring the big red tractor and look at all the blooming strawberries.

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