Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Last Month or So - Real Quick Recap - Part I

At the end of March we went to this big Civil War re-enactment. Apparently, it's only held once every 5 years and it's a BIG DEAL. Fortunately, it's only about an hour drive from us. We went there for the whole day because there was so much to see. And then we didn't stay for the re-enactment itself (even though the South was supposed to win that day; don't worry, though, the Yankees win on the following, the final day, of the two-day reenactment).
We left mostly because M. didn't feel very comfortable around all the people, horses and noise. He did like the guns though and even tried to join some older boys as they were running around in their period costumes and with toy rifles. We did see the soldiers marching down to the battle field and it was pretty cool. And then we left and M. fell asleep even before we got back to the car.

I can see how re-enactment can be so cool. As one of the guys said - if you like history and camping, then you'll love re-enactments. If you don't like history, but like camping, you'll still like re-enactments. If you like history, but not camping, well then you're out of luck. Not to mention going to these things is a perfect homeschooling idea.

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