Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Last Month or So - Real Quick Recap - Part II

We also went for a picnic with our friends who have a 2-year old boy. The Drummer Boy has playdates with this little boy almost every week and they are good friends. It helps that the boy's mom is Russian.
So one weekend we all went to Sarah P. Duke Garden in Durham. It's such a gorgeous place too. It's right on Duke U. campus. There are lots and lots of trails to walk on, beautiful formal and informal gardens, several water features, etc. But the biggest attraction, especially for families with young kids, is the Great Lawn. It's very big and perfect in every respect. All around it there are large old magnolias that provide plenty of shade for picnicking. There's a small water feature that all kids are fascinated with. Otherwise, why would they all congregate there and throw sticks and leaves into it? There's also a beautiful grassy knoll, perfect for rolling down. And did I mention the low stone walls that are so irresistably climbable and walkable? Isn't it just perfect?!

Anyway, M took off running around with his friend and exploring the lawn and the little pond. And then something super-awesome happened - he learned to jump off the low stone wall all by himself. How super-cool! I mean, he jumped off of obstacles before, but I had to hold his hand or he would land on his butt (not the best option for most surfaces). But here are the action shots of my happy little monkey jumping and jumping and jumping some more. And then he had some chocolate cake and fresh blueberries.

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