Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Last Month or So - Real Quick Recap - Part IV

We've also been busy with yard work and bread baking. Let me tell you, based on the results, our family should really stick to bread baking and leave the yard alone.
We are trying to prettify our front yard. Remember, we have a bunch of raised vegetable beds in it. Raised beds are things of beauty when there are lush veggies and flowers growing on them. Our spring crop of various lettuces and radishes, however, isn't doing so well. It mostly gets eaten by all sorts of nasty bugs. And whatever survives grows increadibly slowly. Our lettuces, the ones that were supposed to be ready for picking a week or so from now are still in their infancy. And don't even ask about radishes!

Anyway, in an attempt to bring some curb appeal to our otherwise weird-looking yard and in order to avoid being hated by neighbors we decided to plant a border of decorative bushes and perennials out front. Except, of course, that we are on a budget and so everything we bought was pretty tiny. So we planted a tiny lilac and 2 tiny gardenias and super-tiny goji berry and a few perennials that are supposed to grow big quickly, but are very unimpressive for now. Years from now it will all grow big and tall and will look just marvelous. In the mean time, it is completely hidden by the grass since smart gardeners that we are, we didn't remove the turf nor did we put down any kind of weed barrier.

Bread-baking is all done by Chris and M. Look at the pictures. It really shows not having me managing the process! I mean, the loaves turn out just so pretty and they are very tasty too. Take my word for it!

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