Saturday, February 27, 2010

3 Projects - February 21, 2010

What d'ya know? A few days after writing my previous post, 3 Projects - February 15, 2010, I landed a new client. This completed all 3 of the projects and I immediately came up with 3 new ones:

1. Prepare the front yard for veggie garden
2. Decorate the living room
3. Organize M's arts and crafts collection from last year

We had a small veggie garden in our front yard last year. It was so much fun for all, especially for M that this year we are expanding. In addition to the 3 raised beds, we will now have veggies and flowers all around the perimeter of the yard. We also hope to plant a couple of dwarf blueberries, some strawberries, and a goji berry.

Of course, there's a ton of work to do. So far we've done the planting diagrams for all the beds (subject to minor changes), bought all the seeds and ordered tomato and pepper plantings through Seed Savers Exchange and built some paths using woodchips from our woodchip mountain.
The plan for this weekend was to build all the planting beds (using sheet mulch), but the weather was nasty on Wednesday and Thursday and very cold on Friday; so we couldn't go pick up all the supplies for the mulch. This will have to wait until next weekend. That's ok; it's still too cold to plant even the hardy lettuces and radishes.

In the mean time, I am busy working on a DIY flea-market style project. Actually, it's a sub-project of #2 on the list - decorating the living room. Last weekend, what with all the nice weather and all, we went for a stroll at a flea market. And I happened to find this awesome bargain - a antique (?) printer drawer for an unbelievable $8! I've been wanting one (or three) for over a year, but could never justify spending $20-40 that they usually cost.

The awesome thing was that there was very little structural damage - only 1 small crack on the back, not a big deal at all. Of course, it required lots of cleaning. Actually, I didn't even realize just how much cleaning it'd need until I got started. But cleaning wasn't hard and even, to an extent, relaxing. Plus the results were amazing. So now I'm going to finally have a place for my tiny collection of sea shells (and with room for expantion).

Oh, and M's artwork project is DONE! I collected all his artwork from last year, cut it down to size, wrote dates on the back and filed in a storage box. It only took about an hour, but then again, we didn't have much stuff to begin with. Hopefully this year we'll do more arts and crafts projects.

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