Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cutting Down Trees is So Much Fun

I'm all about conservation and all, but when a huge half-dead tree in the farthest corner of your backyard threatens to topple over come next hurricane season (or even just some strong wind) and destroy your fence and your neighbor's shed (and maybe even part of the house), you gotta cut it down.

That's what we were so busy with. Ok, we didn't exactly cut the tree down ourselves. Instead we hired a tree-cutting service (good rate, great work, ask us for references if interested). And so last Tuesday I had to stay home with M most of the day. I thought it was going to be very boring. I am glad to admit, I was wrong with a capital W. In fact, if we only had some more cash on hand, I would gladly pay to get the tree cutting guys back to cut a couple more trees just so M and I can watch.

When the guys showed up, M pulled a chair next to the big door overlooking the deck and the backyard; sat himself there and requested milk and carrots. He then sat in the said chair for about 30 minutes (wow!) just snacking and watching the workmen.

And that was before we went upstairs for a birds-eye view of the industrial-strength wood-chipper in action. Talking about fun!

So after the tree was cut and the guys left, M wanted to go to the backyard and see the logs. And he took his little saw with him. For the next two days he insisted on calling himself the lumberjack. Pretty cute, right?

Oh, then, turns out that now we can climb on the stump and watch the neighbor's free-range chickens (2 black ones and 3 speckled ones). And our cat, Xander, liked this idea as well. But don't worry about the safety of the chickens as they are being guarded by 2 dogs at all times (plus they are bigger than our cat and look like they can defend themselves).

And after such an eventful day, our little lumberjack fell sound asleep.

P.S. Did I mention that we kept all the woodchips for the (future) garden and some other projects? Yep, the whole entire dump-truck full of chips.

P.P.S. M also collected some twigs and we added them to our Ride of Terror (a simple ramp for his toy cars made out of a chair, a toy drum, a mailer tube and a left-over peg board). We then added some Scary Plastic Critters to make it even more fun (a spider, two huge grasshoppers, a chameleon and an oversized ladybug).

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