Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Case of a Missing Twin Brother

We finally found a little boy who seems to be M's missing twin brother. Ok, we found him over 2 years ago, when M was only 9 months old (and the little boy was 11 months old). But then it wasn't very apparent how much alike these two were.

Then last year little L went to Japan with his family. And now he's back and we had a big playdate. It went great! Better than great, actually. These two - M and L -clicked right away. At some point they were actually finishing each other's sentences, as when they were having a snack of pineapple and some black bean chocolate brownies and M said "chocolate", then L said "brownie" and both of them said "oh, yummy!" (and then they laughed silly).

The two of them painted a beautiful art project; played with the shaving foam "snow", then helped me clean up the kitchen;

drew with chalk on our new blackboard wall;

played lumberjacks in the backyard;

pretend-fished off the deck (M's idea);
Built a railroad (with my help) and a big Lego tower. Then broke it. Then built a big Lego tree (L's idea);

Shoveled sand on the playground;

Rode in a toy fire-truck and in a real car (ours) ; then took turns riding in our little plastic wagon around the front yard.

Smashing success and we'll be doing another playdate again (but maybe a slightly shorter one since I was totally exhausted at the end of this marathon).

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