Saturday, February 20, 2010

3 Projects - February 15, 2010

I'm reading Leo Babauta's Power of Less book and it's great. So now I'm taking some actions. Don't want to make it a very long post (since I already wrote 2 long ones today and don't want to bore you to death with the details).

So, last week, on February 15, I wrote down 3 projects. The rule is you write down 3 projects, at least one of which has to support your BIG goal (more on that some other time) and concentrate on these goals until ALL of them are completed.

Here was my list:
  1. Get the tree cut down

  2. Find 1 additional client for my biz to stay on track for March

  3. Build new compost bins

Each of this projects involves many steps. For example, before the tree could be cut down, we had to get the estimates, select the winning bid, raise the money ($850 in 2 days courtesy of my parents, our neighbor whose house the tree was about to crash, our renter who paid on time, and the Sell section on Craigslist), and schedule the removal itself.

Finding 1 additional client for my business is still a work in progress. But hold on, while we're on this, let me brag about my new client - Transparent Languages - and the blog I now write for - The Russian Blog.

And today we spent half a day building 2 new compost bins using some of our huge stash of woodchips. I think the bins turned out really well!

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