Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Homeschool Showcase

Our homeschooling group holds a really cool annual showcase to mark the end of the school year. It's a nice way for families to reflect on some of the work done over the year, present their favorite projects and get to see what others have done. And it's free and open to the public.

I really wanted to participate in the showcase this year and I was delighted when M agreed. Not only did he agree, but he took the major part in preparing our display. Surprisingly, he even painted (and he generally avoids paints).

Then he had this great idea about display title. The title was going to be "Garbology". I stenciled it on the cardboard and was wondering how to color it in. And M suggested not coloring, but instead making a collage with little pieces of recyclable garbage that he collected - cardboard, paper, plastic bags, foil.

If you are wondering about the colorful mountain, it's actually a landfill. He even drew and colored leachate pipes. Part of it is closed, sealed off and turned into a park (M drew some grass and helped me make the trees). The other, lower, part is an open landfill. The round bingo-looking things on the left side are some of the more interesting garbage-related activities we've done.

M also selected two of his garbage trucks to represent the rest at the showcase and made a mini-landfill with colorful pieces of paper for demonstration. And we brought as many of the books we've read about garbage as we could.

Of course, during the showcase M was busy looking at other things, mostly Legos and Lego Robotics stands. Also, as it happened, in the play section (set up in the middle of the room so the little kids can stay busy while their parents check out displays) there was a toy garbage truck. So it kept M busy for a long time.
And after the showcase I took him out for some frozen yogurt at this new (to us) place, Minchie's. We loved it 'cause it was a yogurt bar and you get to mix whatever wild combination of frozen yogurts and toppings you wish. And while you're making up your mind, you can taste any of the yogurts too!

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  1. Your display looks awesome. It's a pretty neat idea to collage the letters with recyclables.