Saturday, June 9, 2012

2012 Summer Bucket List

It's not quite mid-June and we've already checked a few things off our summer bucket list. Ok, so our list is very informal in a sense that it's not written down (which I probably should do). Nor is it complete since we keep adding things to it.

So far here's what we have:

  • Visit the Life and Science Museum in Durham (while there, stop by the wonderful Scrap Exchange)
  • Play at the Marbles Kids Museum - we no longer have membership, so we'll only go a couple of times this summer. M still has a lot of fun there. 
  • Go to the beach - after our most recent trip to Wrightsville Beach M wants to go every weekend. But I'm thinking 3-4 times this summer plus a couple of trips to the big lake nearby would be enough.
  • Go to Pick-Your-Own peaches and grapes farm
  • Go to Florida for a week - this is a much-anticipated and long-overdue trip for all of us
  • Visit Bronx Zoo and possibly Brooklyn Aquarium while in NY
  • Visit the Trash Museum in CT - it's a drive from where we'll be in NY, but how can we miss it?!
  • Planetarium (at least Morehead, but possibly also the one in Daytona Beach when we go to FL)
  • Participate in the summer program for the Junior First Lego League - it's done through our homeschooling group and the first meeting is on Monday. M is excited.
  • Catch a movie - we haven't been to movies in over a year. So I'm thinking either Raleighwood (I love the atmosphere and the seats are so comfortable) or a less expensive dollar movies option. Heck, why not do both?!
  • Go on long walks exploring the neighborhood and looking for treasures - today we went on a nature trail around a nearby lake. We saw 2 large owls, a rabbit, lots of birds and fireflies. Plus we found letters in the roots of the trees and even got to spell a secret word with them.
  • Make ice-cream
  • Camp out (even if it's just in the backyard)
  • Build a giant mud volcano
  • Make our own concrete stepping stone
  • Make a solar oven - last year we didn't succeed; we'll try again this year
  • Watch the transit of Venus and pretty much any celestial event we can - that's why I am now looking for a used telescope on Craigslist.


  1. This is a pretty impressive list. We are going to the East Coast too in August to visit with my parents. Daughter is so excited!

  2. Yay,August is a hot and muggy time on the East Coast, at least south of the Mason-Dixon line :) But it's also a great time to go to the beach.