Sunday, June 3, 2012

Family Visits

May was great because we had two family visits back to back. First, grandparents came down for a few days. The day after they left, Uncle Arkadiy rode into town on his black horse motorcycle after conquering the famed  Tail of the Dragon (not to mention riding his bike all the way from NY to NC in snow and freezing rain).
Unfortunately, when grandparents were here, the weather was pretty crappy - unseasonably cold and rainy. We actually had a late spring freeze! So pretty much all our plans fell through and the only thing we got to do as planned was the tour of the Great Harvest bakery with Grandma.

Of course, no bad weather can get in the way of a grandparent spoiling his grand child (I'm talking about Grandpa here). Barely rested after the long road trip, Grandpa insisted on going to the toy store and getting M not one, but two toy garbage trucks!

Fortunately by the time Uncle Arkadiy got to us the weather changed dramatically. Now it was sunny and warm. The bad news was that Uncle had to work all day so we couldn't really do anything fun until after 5pm. But we did go pick strawberries on the first evening.

And on the second one, we grilled. I must say, if anyone can grill, it's my brother. Not only that, but he can create a delicious marinade from scratch. I've never tasted grilled prawns as delicious as the ones he made!

Too bad he had to go back so soon! And he was teaching M how to grill. For several days afterwards M would proudly say that "Uncle Arkadiy let me light matches (to start the fire for the grill)". Yep, Uncle is welcome here at any time!

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