Friday, May 13, 2011

Math Games Week 3 - Taking a Break

This week there are no new games posted, so we've been taking it easy and replaying a few games from the previous weeks. We played another chimera grid game, this one is 100% Star Wars related. M loved it!

I splurged on a huge Star Wars sticker book - so worth it. The stickers are
reusable so they'll last us a while. Plus a friend suggested an idea of turning a few of the stickers into magnets for even more fun. Hooray!
In the mean time, we created this comic story grid and filled it with stickers and words. I still had to draw a couple of things since strangely the sticker book did not have a single sticker of Princess Leia in her golden bikini. Nor did it have pictures of Jabba the Hut. Weird...

Oh, and we also made this Darth Vader 'cause I didn't care to spend any more money on Star Wars stuff (telling ya, M's entire space program, including the lunar module, must've cost less than a 2-inch R2D2 action figure). So I put my foot down and said "no" to all the requests for a Darth Vader toy. Instead, I said that we would just make one. So here he is - a toilet paper roll, a paper cup, left-over felt and some stickers.
These last couple of pix are from a couple of weeks back, I think. I had some tomato cages laying around waiting for me to use them. M got to them first and decided that they were just perfect as weaving looms. So he spent quite some time in the yard weaving twigs, branches, flowers and ribbons through them, then pulling it all down and starting again until he got tired of the game.

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