Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Garden Update

All this rain has been wonderful for our garden. I don't think we had to water it once in the last two weeks and yet everything is growing nicely.
The other day a woman stopped by our yard, got out of the car and knocked on the door. I thought she wanted to sell us something. Turns out, she wanted to ask some questions about the garden 'cause she said her own doesn't look anything this nice. I'm not trying to brag here, just saying...
So far we've had radishes and mustard greens, 2 kinds of lettuces, and some sorrel (it finally recovered from whatever's been bugging it). The blueberries are slowly ripening and I have to cover them with a net to protect from the birds.
The dwarf peach tree is doing great too, even though I broke the top of it while transporting it in our tiny car. I pulled all but one peaches off the branches. Want to give it a chance to properly root so hopefully we have more peaches next year.
The tomatoes and squashes and cucumbers are growing very fast. Actually, they are starting to bloom already. So hopefully we will start seeing more from our garden in just a few weeks. It's pretty hot, so swiss chard and kale aren't doing all that great. But they are growing nevertheless.
Since Chris can't help me much this year I didn't plant as much as I did last year. Still, all 4 beds are filled with no room to spare. And my small collection of herbs is doing fine in their containers. Now if I can only find a grape vine!

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  1. This looks sooo beautiful! I think gardens - well, those like yours - make front yards look fantastic.