Saturday, April 2, 2011

What Happened to This Spring Thing?

My last week or so in NY I was very antsy and wanted to get back home. My NC friends would tell me of all the amazing 70+ degree days they were having and frankly, I was afraid that I'd miss spring this year. Sure, the first few days were just that - temps in upper 70s and sunny. But then, as soon as hurriedly planted a bed of greens, they dropped to just-above-freezing. So for the last week to ten days the weather has been, how to put it mildly... crappy. All my gardening was put on hold. Instead, I started painting M's room. Well, I'm happy to say that the room is now finished, at least as far as the painting part goes. The glow-in-the-dark stars are up again, glowing. I even moved the huge cardboard rocket from the family room to M's room. BTW, it's no longer a rocket, but a "lunar module Appolo 11-and-4". Chris went back to work on Friday even though his heel is shattered and he's on crutches and the doc said to keep the foot elevated above his heart. Which pretty much means Chris has to stay in bed all the time. Ok, so he's got a desk job, but for this particular injury a desk job is not good enough. Gotta be a recliner-type job. Don't think NC State budget will provide for this, not this fiscal year anyway. It's still too cold outside to plant warm-weather veggies. Which is fine by me 'cause I'm now busy planting blueberries, a persimmon, and a fig. Plus I'm thinking about re-arranging the beds in the veg garden. M really helps me out, mostly by not getting in the way. He also sometimes brings tools, holds landscaping fabric, protects me from bandits, pretends to run a carwash, and says hilarious things.

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