Sunday, April 17, 2011

Big Messy Art: The Decision

I've already mentioned how, thanks to a cold and snowy winter spent almost entirely indoors, I now have way much energy. Well, I haven't run out of steam just yet. The garden is still being worked on. M's room's been painted and awaiting some IKEA furniture. I'm still working out regularly, 3 days a week, at the gym...

Next on my list - doing more art with M or rather having him explore art more. As Maria, a wonderfully mathematical friend of mine, explained to me, there are two types of children (and people in general) - microscopists and giantists. M is clearly a giantist. He shows absolutely no interest in small-scale projects, but is eager to try something really-really-really HUGE or at least LARGE SCALE.

Which might explain why my approach of handing him a small paintbrush and a smallish piece of paper wasn't exactly working out for us. Fortunately, I picked up a library copy of Mary Ann Kohl's "Big Messy Art". Basically, it's familiar "process over product" art ideas, only supersized. Which, by the way, allows to use many exciting new "non-artsy" tools - an important point for a boy who isn't too excited about regular paintbrushes.

Our first project was a while ago. It was called "Flyswatter Painting" because it was just that - dipping a fly swatter into some paint and making prints on a large piece of paper.

M was so delighted with the project that he didn't even mind some paint splatters on his face and hands (this is definitely an outside project). Encouraged by such warm reception, I wanted to continue, setting an ambitious goal of 1 new project each day. Fortunately, the weather interfered; it got cold, windy and rainy. I cooled off a bit and decided to take is slowly, enjoying the process and letting M set the pace.

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