Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Big Messy Art: Rocket Stuff

Our next Big and Messy project was very simple. A large scale painting is all it really was. But the awesome part is when you work with something large-scale, you get to use big and important tools, adult tools that would otherwise be off-limits. Ok, almost off-limits...

So for this one the set up was super simple. I just rolled out a long sheet of paper (we got this perforated paper for free from a local store that was getting rid of quite a few rolls; it's thin, kinda like printer paper which it just might be.)

The tools I offered included a real-life roller (saved from our room-painting project), a small yellow crafts roller, a big foam paint brush and another real paint brush, also from our room-painting. I thought M would go for the big roller or a brush, but he mostly used the little yellow roller. Go figure!

M got to choose paint colors. He wanted yellow and red because, as he explained, he was going to paint fire that comes out of the space shuttle's engines. My suggestion to use glitter was enthusiastically accepted.

There was a bit of a snag in the project. You see, the paper was pretty thin (and perforated in places). The driveway - pretty rough. Plus all that paint made the paper kind of soggy. Well, to make a long story short, the wonderful fire painting got a fairly sizeable tear in it. Which led to tears although M didn't stop painting, but instead painted more furiously.

Once the entire thing was dry and I patched the holes with some clear tape, M rolled the painting on the floor and used it as a launch pad for all his rockets.

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