Saturday, April 30, 2011

Big Messy Art - Splat-Splat-Splat

Oh, this was the most exciting (and the messiest) project this far. M loved it and returned to it the next day.
The project itself was simple. I had 3 old socks laying around and some old sand from the sand box that we recently turned into a pool. So we filled the socks with sand, dipped them each into paint and splat-splat-splattered them all over a piece of butcher paper.
And then I turned away to answer the phone and came back to the splat-splat-splatters all over the deck (it's a washable paint, so no worries). My objections were quickly overruled as M said he was busy decorating for a party. Hmm, after some negotiations we agreed to limit the decorations to a big banner.

All in all, a really successful art project and we might repeat it next week. Or we might do something new. There are a ton of big and messy projects left in Mary Ann Kohl's book after all.


  1. I love that M enjoyed this so much that he returned to it the next day. We recently made some splat art too, and you'll see it later this week on my blog :) I l just ove MaryAnn's books.