Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Spring is... Over?

We got back to NC to some strange weather. After freezing NY temps basking in the NC sun with temps in upper 70s felt nice. Until it occurred to me that it's still March and with the weather being this hot, I can't even plant radishes. And what kind of spring is it without planting radishes?!

But we started our garden again this year. I promised myself not to plant too much stuff this year since with Chris gone, I have way too much stuff to take care of even without a garden. But I s'pose I'm taking after my Mom after all. Each year she promises to cut down on the number of tomato starts and instead grows more and more of them, nearing a hundred or so this year.

To be fair, I did plant a lot of flowers this year. Like one entire bed is going to be (hopefully) my little cutting garden.

And now it's been raining hard every night and every morning, but still sunny and hot by mid-afternoon. It really feels weird. There's some disconnect here between what I see (daffodils, tulips, blooming fruit trees) and what I feel (80 degrees, hello sandals and sleeveless tops). Not like I'm complaining. Although it sure would've been nice to have home-grown radishes.

BTW, yes, this is Bobba Fet in our yard. M felt that such gorgeous weather deserves a celebration and donned his favorite costume. He then spent 5 hours in the yard waiting for every garbage truck that goes by to stop by our yard and pick up trash. Thankfully, the drivers were very understanding and went as far as demonstrating how garbage trucks compact garbage (they usually compact at the end of our street and not by our house).

As an unexpected math consequence, M spent some time that same afternoon arranging his toy garbage trucks by size (hello, gradients) and counting them.

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