Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Rest of NY Visit

Just quickly going through my pictures... so many of them... this is what we were busy with when in NY and when not visiting kids' museums.

So we helped Uncle Arkadiy to wash his motorcycle and, as a reward, got to sit on it and M got to rev it up too.
We went on a letter-boxing hunt in Nyack. We only discovered 2 out of 4 boxes, but it was lovely anyway because we found a) a cozy coffee shop and b) a beautiful library along the way.
 M built his own X-wing fighter out of kitchen chairs, blankets, unused remote controls and some odds and ends.
We got lucky and actually saw some snow this winter! Even though there was only about an inch of it and it melted almost right away, we got some snow fights and sledding done. Now M says that winter is his favorite season because of the snow.
Grandpa brought this amazing German shepherd home to pet sit for a few days. M absolutely fell in love with Milka. The first morning he saw her, he ran into our bedroom, woke me up and yelled "Mama, there's someone here. Her name is Dog and also German shepherd and also Milka!". Since the dog's name means "Darling" in Russian, M kept saying "This Milka is such a darling, just a little darling". Of course, this is a big dog. On this particular picture she looks enormous. But she is so super-sweet and very patient with M even though he was all over her (here he is covering her with a "blanket" so she would get cozy and warm and "like a little darling").
Here's a better picture. As you can see, the dog is not as humongous although definitely not petite either. We do miss her a lot. Hopefully next time we're in NY Grandpa gets to pet sit her again.
And then, almost before leaving for NC, M got sick. As he describes this experience now, he had "high temperature, higher than me, and hoarse voice and had to lay on the couch all day like Grandpa".

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