Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hooray for Ms Caitlin

If you don't know, Ms Caitlin is our wonderful physical therapist. M sees her every other week for an hour. Ms Caitlin always comes up with fun games and challenges for M, but even the most fun challenge still requires very hard work. Every time I'm there, observing, I'm reminded of how many of our gross motor skills we take for granted, for example, jumping on one foot or cross reaching hand to opposite foot or just going up and down stairs or jumping up and down. Half-way through his therapy appointments M is tired and needing a break.

But he is getting stronger and more agile. And with that comes newly found confidence to try things that look tough and scary and a bit dangerous and that he wouldn't try (even with my help) just a few months ago. Like climbing up a fallen tree to explore the upturned roots.

Or running downhill at full speed.

Or climbing up this tall climbing wall to get to the slide (instead of taking the nearby stairs).

Or walking on this fallen tree holding on to the tree branches that grow straight up like columns.

Walking around the ENTIRE millpond (1 mile) and then some and having enough energy left to run around exploring, looking for snakes, and climbing on old millstones.
Or climb on top of this cool dragon all by himself.

So HOORAY for Ms Caitlin!

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  1. What a lovely post, your son is gorgeous. Thanks for your lovely comment on my gardening series too. I am now following you. Cheers Ali