Monday, September 19, 2011

Moebius Band Strikes Again

There are just a few hours left in the Moebius Noodles fundraiser. We do need the last-minute push to make it happen and I'm asking you to take a quick detour to our Tipping Bucket page.

We're finally back in NC. But before we left NY on Sunday we went some place super awesome that I had no idea about. Specifically, we went to the New York Hall of Science in Queens.

It was a totally unexpected thing too since I had no idea there was much in NY outside of Manhattan (ok, Brighton Beach and the Bronx Zoo being notable exceptions). The reason we ended up at the Hall of Science was that the World Maker Faire was held there.

I'm going to do a separate post about the Maker Faire. It's simply too awesome and needs plenty of space of its own. But there, in the Hall of Science, in between Physics and Life Science was Mathematics section. And it opened up with a very large Moebius Band. And let me tell you, it was a huge hit with the younger crowd since they could push the big button and watch the arrow make its way all around the single surface of the band.

The whole scene reminded me how much fun math can be when it's hands-on and game-like. So I keep my fingers crossed for the Moebius Noodles project. Every child should have a chance to play with math, whether they get to go to the New York Hall of Science or not. Help us make it happen.

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