Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Where Are We and Why?

Where - my parents' house in Rockland County, NY.

Why - because we had to since Chris is away on training for a couple of months.

The really big question on my mind is "Will it work out?". I'm a bit scared 'cause

  • the house is really small
  • the on-demand water heater nightmare
  • it's winter in NY meaning limited driving for me (plus I hate driving here anyway with all the traffic)
  • not much to do - it's a suburb with practically nothing going on within reasonable driving distance. Not in the winter anyway. Not compared to Raleigh.
On the plus side, my parents are always very happy to see us and are always there to help me out with M. So I can maintain my crazy work-homeschooling-no-life-to-speak-of balance and not worry about how to manage it all if I were to get sick. So in a way, I am a lot more relaxed.

Plus I'm armed with about a billion activities to keep M busy with. Plus all the day trips we can potentially go on - really exciting!
For now we're still settling in and arranging our bedroom. The cat is getting used to the new surroundings as well (yeah, we took him with us). I need to go to a few stores to stock up on supplies and essentials such as arts and crafts stuff, building blocks, and a kid-size table. So Michaels and IKEA are on my list of places to stop by. Except that we've been in the house for the last two days because of the really bad weather. Oh well, there's always tomorrow (actually, there'll be some more nasty weather tomorrow).

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