Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 1 Is Over

One week down, only 8 more to go. Chris has made it ok to Alabama and last time I spoke with him, he was about to start his training. (He'll love getting letters, so if you feel like sending him one, please e-mail or call me for address.)

Yes, we've been here, in NY, for exactly one week now. It's been pretty good so far although we spent most of the time inside because of the weather.

Fortunately, also because of the weather, my mom's office had a few late openings and she didn't leave for work 'til 8:30-9am. Which gave me an opportunity to sleep. Well, sort of... 'Cause of course M, while getting used to all the changes, is totally off his regular sleeping schedule and wakes up at ungodly 4:30-5am. Sure, he stays in bed 'til 6 and even 6:30, but he is not asleep.

And when M is not asleep, he likes to talk. And since he sleeps with me (remember, the room we're staying in is just big enough for 1 fold-out loveseat), I am the one he talks to. Mercifully, Grandma wakes up from all the chatter (it's a small house, I'm telling ya) and takes M away to the kitchen to feed him breakfast.

We also make juices now. M is very excited about it and now is getting lots of fruits and even veggies (and veggies, in his mind, are more terrible than hot sauce). Yes, he drinks carrot juice. Although at first he refused to believe that carrots where not fruits, but veggies - they tasted so good juiced!

Another thing we do is gardening. First, we picked up some paperwhites' bulbs and are forcing them now. Then we had a pineapple top left over from all that juicing and decided to plant it. Plus we're taking care of one of the begonias (I think that's what they are anyway) that Grandma has.

This week was the drinking straws week (kinda went along with the whole juicing idea). So we did a ton of fun stuff with drinking straws - math, art, construction. But I don't want to bore you with the details.

And, of course, we're slowly making improvements to our room, but more on that in a future update.

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