Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Year's Pix

Better late than never, I say. For the New Year's celebration we drove to Charlotte to see our good friends Lana and Patrick. Staying over at their house is always lovely no matter the weather. They are just the best hosts and their little boy is so cute and fun and shares his toys really well (at least he does with M.)
I just hope that we're being half as awesome the guests as they are - the hosts. Chris, Patrick and the boys spent a lot of times in the backyard and at the nearby playground while Lana and I chatted and I pretended to help her in the kitchen.
Lana is an excellent cook. Seriously, she intimidates me. She bakes French baguettes every day and beautiful-looking delicious cakes - on a whim. And did I mention that the table is always beautifully laid out for EVERY meal?
In the evenings the boys played with PlayDoh (a huge hit with M, all of a sudden) and watched some 'toons. And after they got sent to bed, the adults had some extra desserts and tea and watched movies on Netflix. Oh, and the husbands were so awesome sitting through the entire "Irony of Fate" in Russian with no subtitles (neither of them speaks Russian)!
Seriously, if they ever decide to open a B&B, I'll be the first one to book a vacation there!

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