Saturday, March 13, 2010

3 Projects Completed

Remember the three projects we started working on back on February 21st? Well, we're done with those:
1. Prepare the front yard for veggie garden
2. Decorate the living room
3. Organize M's arts and crafts collection from last year

Ok, the #3 was the easiest of all and took me just a couple of days. It would've taken even less than that, but I had to wait until M was in bed or else I wouldn't get anything done at all.

I wrote about project #1 - veggie garden - some time ago. Here's an update - not only did we prepare the veggie beds, but we planted some of them mostly with greens. The radishes and lettuces are sprouting already!

Now, decorating the living room is kind of a really big project. What I had in mind was to put some kind of art work on one of the walls that looked bare and also to get a side table of some sort.

The art work project was done and I now have a place to show off my (for now very small) collection of sea shells, pebbles and driftwood. As for the table, we didn't have the budget to buy one. I thought about getting an old (antique) wooden crate at the flea market and make it into a table. But luckily I didn't get around to it.

Instead, I got a different and a much better idea (from the Decorating Junk Market Style book). Basically, it's a tree log from the tree that was cut down back in February. My super-strong hubby hauled it inside and screwed in 4 casters that we just happened to have (we misplaced them months ago, found them recently when cleaning out the upstairs linen closet and were getting ready to stick them into the attic). I think the end result looks very nice and it's totally FREE.

Now we are ready to select new goals and start working on them. Will update you on those as soon as we get them on paper.

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