Friday, October 9, 2009

Theraputty Cake

Does your toddler like Play-Doh? Mr. M is not particularly fond of it. Sure, he plays with the Play Doh Factory and uses some other tools. But he prefers not to touch Play Doh itself.

I'm not sure why it is. Maybe it's because Play Doh is a bit oily to touch. Or maybe it's too playable and provides too little resistance and feedback for him. Whatever it is, he's not alone. Many low muscle tone kids and kids with sensory issues don't engage with Play Doh.

Our wonderful occupational therapist, Michelle, showed us Theraputty the other day. And frankly, we're both hooked. It is pretty addictive even for adults. It leaves no sticky or oily residue. It makes funky snapping sounds when kneaded. And, if you leave a blob of Theraputty in a large enough container (or on a table top), it will transfrom itself into a thin shiny disk. How cool is that!

So I quickly ordered 4 oz of red (medium-soft) Thera-Flex Theraputty from Amazon. And when it arrived, I hid a bunch of very small beads in it. Mr. M loves digging through his putty searching for beads. And once we get enough of them dug out, I shape the putty into a cake and he "decorates" it with the beads.
I might order some yellow (soft) putty as well to create a two-tier cake. Plus Mr. M might like to shape it since it's a bit softer than the red one.

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