Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Simple Game of Stickers

I really like Kumon workbooks, I do. But here's the problem that I have with them - my toddler goes through each page in about 10 seconds (5 seconds if it's a maze). So we can go through all the age-appropriate worksheets in one book even before breakfast.

So here's a simple fine-motor skills idea that I tried a couple of days ago. All it takes is a stack of printer paper (or any other paper) and a bunch of stickers (dollar-store ones or leftovers from scrapbooking will do just fine). Turns out it's even better than Kumon since

  • It can be customized to fit your child's interests (Mr. M is a budding musician so I found some guitar stickers)
  • A child can pick the stickers off the sheet and position them on the piece of drawing paper - that's more fine motor practice
  • In addition to mazes, you can play "circle" and "connect" games. Connecting games in particular are great learning activities since you can practice matching sizes, shapes, colors, etc.

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