Sunday, January 8, 2012

Second Letterbox

Remember that post about the new New Year tradition and letterboxing? It was another gorgeous day here yesterday (Saturday) and I suggested going on another treasure hunt. M was pretty enthusiastic about it and this time around wanted to take both R2D2 and R5D4 droids with him. So I printed the instructions and we got to the park. This time it was the Veterans Freedom Park in Cary.

This particular box was both easier and harder to find. It was easier because he didn't have to cross dry creek beds or walk on trunks of fallen trees. The entire path was on a level surface just along the wood line's edge.
Yet it was more difficult because we had to look harder for clues. I wasn't even sure which one of the trees surrounded the open area was cedar. M also had to keep an eye out and notice things. Plus, unlike with the first box, he got to do some heavy lifting this time around since he had to pick up a couple of heavy-ish stones.

The reward was very sweet. We got not one, but two stamps! There was a "Moose on the Loose" guest stamp in the box along with the original stamp. Awesome! And, on the way back, M collected some more treasure to take home with us - a few stones, a piece of pine bark and a couple of cedar sprigs so that we remember what cedar looks like for the next adventure.


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    1. It is a really fun way to explore nature and for now the only one that works with M. It's also a good way to exercise attention to details and practice following directions. We love it so far :)