Friday, January 20, 2012

Moving Out and Moving On

The gal that rented a room from us last month moved out. Turns out, she had no plans on being timely with her rent payments. Oh well... As we say in Russian, что не делается, все к лучшему or as we say in English, it's all for the best.

The best, in this case, is a whole bunch of things. For one, she wasn't that pleasant a roommate to begin with. Second is that her moving out without giving an advanced notice might had been financially disastrous a few months ago, but right now it's just a minor annoyance. Third, we finally have the house all to ourselves. This means being as noisy as we want whenever we want and using the downstairs bathroom (and that's the bathroom with a TON of storage space). Finally, the very best of all the bests of this situation is that the guest room is finally free and can be converted back to what it used to be - a place for guests to sleep comfortably (and for us to enjoy when we have the quiet time).

So we are moving on and I'm working on turning the room into the nicest guest bedroom south of the Mason-Dixon line. I already sold the ugly twin bed and moved a lovely day bed into the room. Plus I repainted the walls so it looks lovely. And I put up new curtains. Next up is a different table and some sort of bookshelves. I'm on a tight budget and so it will have to come from Craigslist or local thrift stores (plus I only have a very small car to bring things in, so it slows down the process considerably).

But I hope to finish most everything in the next month or so and that will include a spruced-up guest bath (although I'm claiming most of the storage space). So start planning your trip down here, y'all!

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